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In the history of law, the English institution of the trust is one of the most original and least straightforward institutions in the theory of private law, which rests on the foundations of Roman law. On the other hand the legal institution of the trust and similar legal arrangements were introduced in several countries with civil law and mixed jurisdiction.

The book discusses the development of use and the trust and also examines other contemporary legal institutions that may have played a role in the development of the trust. It deals with the description of the rules of the trust, including variations in the definition of the trust, and its common classifications in literature and also works up questions concerning the adoption of the trust in civil law systems. It also raises issues that continue to particularly impede and prevent the full application of the rules of the trust in the legal systems of civil law to this day. The book provides an overview of legislative methods and legal practices in different countries with a potential to implement the trust or trust-like legal devices and discusses the main international efforts aimed at the unification of law too.

The author also describes the background and main rules of the fiduciary property management contract in Hungary. The work is perhaps unique in its choice of providing a detailed analysis of Hungarian regulation.

István Sándor is associate professor of law at Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest and he is also a practising lawyer. He visited several foreign universities and research centres as research fellow or visiting lecturer. He is member of the International Bar Association, Interlegal, International Federation of European Law, Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners, Selden Society and numerous Hungarian law and scientific associations. He published several books and articles in trust law, company law, legal history and civil law.

ISBN 978 963 258 283 2
Megjelenés éve 2015
Formátum B/5
Terjedelem (oldalszám) 468


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